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Bespoke hardwood shopfront door

Surrey joinery specialists were sadly contacted on a Thursday afternoon regarding a break in at a local antique shop in the town of Weybridge.  The original door and frame sustained massive damage and was fixed shut by the shop owners. With the premises temporarily inaccessible this was obviously going to affect trade. So we re-arranged our current schedule so that we could get to the shop first thing on the Monday morning to fit a temporary solid door, while we manufactured an exact replica of the original. As the shop is located in a conservation area it was essential that the new door matched the old one. After a couple of weeks the replacement door was produced and supplied with one coat of wood preservative, one primer and two grey undercoat and left ready for top coating. The damaged frame was repaired and also left with the same paint finish. Additional insurance rated security was added by request.


Bespoke Hardwood shop front door